Fountains of Fun Seahorse and Cups

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Item Number: 4087974

Let the fun flow! This Seahorse is ready to make baby’s bath time a whole lot more exciting! Continuous water flows up thorough the Seahorse’s tail and out of its mouth, simply by pressing its belly to activate the pump. Baby can move Seahorses arms under the water flow to scoop, drain and spin the cups or remove the cups for independent play. Easy to attach to and remove from tiled or stone surfaces, this colourful character encourages sensory play and invites baby to explore the effects of water. Supports motor skill and cognitive development.

Family 6m

  • Easy to activate continuous fountain; simply press the seahorse’s belly to pump water from the bath out of its mouth
  • Moveable seahorse arms allow baby to catch and manipulate the water, exploring its effects
  • Includes 2 removable cups with fun drainage features
  • Bright bold colours and textured surfaces engage baby’s visual and tactile senses
  • Perfect for sibling play, encouraging sharing and bonding